Thursday, 11 December 2008



xxxx said...

Thanks Joey! Love the updates. All the way from New Zealand!

Anka said...
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Anka said...

12 Songs! It's great to hear and see you!I will check the Europe's bolg all day - everyday! Tkanks GUYS! :-)

ALUAP said...

Thanks Joey for your words. And we will be always here waiting for the updates.

Bojana said...

omg, thats so sweet!!! i am getting sentimental here ;-)

p.s. Put all 12 songs on the album

Mark Hamlet said...

Good to hear you are going to keep the blog going! I look forward to your updates.

Keep on Rocking!

P.S. Don't forget Australia on your next tour! :)

Ramona said...

Joey,you look very....very good, as always.I posted two questions last night,and today i've found out the answer to one of them.On you video message.Please,put 12 songs on the album.
Thanks for the updates.I give to you all my love.Have a nice trip to Stockholm.

Anka said...

And don't forget Poland on your next tour, please! :)Polisch fans are waiting for YOU!!!

嘉欣 said...

Oh! Joey, you look very good spirit!
I love you a cordial smile!
Thank you to update so that fans immediately know the progress of your work,
I very much look forward to the new album!
Please take care not to fatigue,
I hope you will work all the best!

Krissyeurope74 said...

Good Morning Joey....and GoodMorning to you all!!!!
Thank you very much for this blog: it's fantastic. See you working and create news song is amazing.
New songs sounds great...and I can't wait for the new album.
I hope you will use a blog also during the next tour: follow you on the road it's always a pleasure.
I'll check for uptades every day.
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

I love the updates! Thanks Joey! <3 Looking forward to hear some more!

petitoiseau74 said...

Good morning Joey, it's great to hear you, thank you very very much for this message. I wish you live very good moments recording the new album. Take care and I keep visiting your blog. I love you.

Toñi said...

Thanks so much for your message Joey. It´s fantastic for us to see how you work in your new album and see you guys are so close to your fans. I´m very PROUD of beeing a EUROPE fan. Thanks a lot once again.
kisses from Spain

Stefania said...

Keep up the good work guys!!!
Joey, thanks so much for the last update!

P.S. Isn't it terrible to wake up early in the morning? Well, I hate it!

Jenny said...

Thank you for keeping us update these days Joey, and thank you for keeping the blog up, doesnt matter if its going to be some time until next update. We love the buzz and the things going on here. it tea or beer in that mug...haha ;)

ravscool said...
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ravscool said...

Thank you very much for keep us updated throughout the recording process.

Can't wait to hear your new album.

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

justine with love said...

Thank you Joey.This great luck that I can see you and hear you :)I'll check for uptades every day.With all my love :)
And please,don't forget Poland.Polish fans are waiting.And my heart waits too.
See you soon :)

Anonymous said...

You do can bring the sun into my life...when I can hear news directly from you mouth!
Great to know....really can't wait to hear the new stuff...keep on walking that road man!!!
Have a good time in the studio!!!
Your Lady Macbeth

p.s. you're still the only one able to drink a beer out of a coffee-cup!!!

Deni said...

Thank you, Joey for keeping us in touch! Everything till this moment sounds great - the music itself and the news. Also a huge thank you, for keeping contact with us, not many bands actually do it. I appreciate it! Take all the time you need to make this album great! I love you, Europe! :)))

加薪貓Rebecca said...
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加薪貓Rebecca said...

I guess Joey is drinking coffee? :P

So many thanks to the update,
Although I am far away in Taiwan, thanks to let me see you and hear you,
I was very warm.
It is a great honor to become the Europe fans!
I love you!

Take care!

Simoontje said...

Thanx Joey! Great this blog will be open for while, so we can read and see it again and again.

alexandra said...

thanks a lot for your words.
France is waiting for you.
take care

mikgrizzo said...

Hi guys! what a gret blog you have here! It's a pleasure to watch you again making your music, it's something that I hope never stop. I think that the songs you posted here are pretty interesting for what concern the sound... I like them very much. I guess that the new album is really out of this world.
Joey, strange feeling..I just wrote a song called that! Huggs. Michela from Pordenone (Italy)

janni said...

great news! i think i can speak on the behalf of many many fans that we are very happy you guys chose this studioblog. it's been the buzz among our conversations with each other. Europe fans stick together and thank you for bringing us as well as you closer. i hope stockholm will be a blast!!

EuropeLover said...

Thanks hero. :-)
You're so kind !!
I can't wait for more updates

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey!! It is wonderful to see you and hear from early morning!
I'm impressed and very happy for updates! Thanks for the news!
I will wait anxious for the new album, which for sure will be a success!

Millions of kisses to you!

SimonJCourt said...


Can you please explain why you say you are calling this album your third? Are the albums pre the reunion not worth thinking about to you, because I would completelly dissagree as my favorite album is still Wings Of Tomorrow.

All the best!

Europe4ever said...

Joey sei GRANDE.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ti Voglio Bene...!!!!!!

E mi fido ciecamente di voi...!!!!
Europe per sempre.....!!!!!!!!!!

Silvia said...

Hey Joey! I am glad to see you, thank you very much for all the messages and keep us informed at all costs, will be a pleasure to hear 12 new songs, so we await with impatience, the little that we could hear me sounds like Glory!
Your music makes me feel more alive.
Keep Rock friends!
I wish you the best in these days as reported.

here comes the night said...

12 songs sounds amazing! I vote for keeping them ALL =D

Thanks Joey and the rest of you guys... you say thanks for logging in... but I say thank YOU for letting us be so nosy!

It's been a very exciting three days of Europyness! Off to guitars now- sounds awesome!

Peace out- rock on...

/Mary Lou

Anka said...

Joey, I'm replaying your morning video mesage now again. At this time I can see you not only to hear your words. Morning I could feel your words ;-) . Now I can see your face :your smile is still bonny and young - more and more. :-)

surfergirl said...

Thanks Joey! I look forward to the updates-however, I have to ask... I guess this could qualify for a question to you too-is that really coffee in your cup...because there is a can of beer sitting right in front of you!!!? I love you.

Marilena said...

Thanks Joey for your video and for the news!!!Every day we'll check this blog waiting for updates.:)You're the greatest!

Tempestgirl1970 said...

Hello my hero

thanks Joey, for your video and for the news.

Kisses from Portugal

Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

Thanks Joey to allowing to fans we should be near you in the creation of the new CD and the updates.
It's a extraordinary experience and we are very grateful.
Sufficient money does not exist to pay this!!!!!
We expect to see you in the close shows.
Thank you very much to all the members of the group!!!!!

SimV said...

We all really appreciate this great opportunity to see and hear the new album coming together. I can't believe this is your eighth, I was at school dragging my dad to gigs on your countdown tour. Does that make you guys feel as old as it makes me feel :-)
Only problem with following your updates is I can't wait to hear the finished album.

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Hau, Joey

I have just returned from job and I'm glad to see and to hear you.
You look very good and your smile is...
It's great to hear you are going to keep the blog open
we'll be always waiting for the updates
It's a really pleasure to watch you to work your music.
You are the best band that fans can to have
Thanks a lot once again
Take care


I think it's a cup of tea

Marcino said...

Greetings from Poland guys! Can't wait for see you on the next tour! Don't forget about us!

You are very hardworking, good luck!

Baka said...

Hey Joey! (not that song hahaha)
Guys, the new song is sounding awesome, very catchy riff from Mr Norum and vocals too. If you ask me I would put all the 12 songs on the cd (and maybe some good covers as bonus tracks)...

By the way, do you know the World is not only USA and EUROPE???? There is also a place called SOUTH AMERICA... you do have looooots of fans down here!!!! Whitesnake came to my country, Brazil, this year... I was there... seen Queen+Paul Rodgers too... when the Brazilian fans will finally be able to have you here??????????

Good luck with the new album, can't wait to have it!!!!

Best wishes from your #1 fan in Brazil!!!


Diana NJ said...

Hi Joey,
It's nice to hear an update from you. You look relaxed, like you're in your element. I love what I've heard so far and I'm getting very excited about the new album. It's nice to have new music from Europe to look forward to. I thank God for the day you guys got back together. I hope we get to see you again soon (hint hint). We need your music here in America to lift our spirits. Thanks so much for this blog. Have fun and Happy Holidays to you and yours. :)

ALUAP said...

20 years ago I choose you as my favourite band, at that time I only knew about you by the magazines that I bought some weeks later after the concerts had happened.

Them, when you came back, I could have news about you from your website.

But now I have got it online from the blog!

It’s fantastic to be a EUROPE fan, you are close to us, and you care about us and think about us.

All you have done it’s fantastic to a fan, first you allow photographs from your shows at Dalhalla at Ago 2007. them you web cast the Almost Unplugged show, and now it seems we are in the studio with you recording the new album.

For me, these days 3 days were amazing, I was always with my mobile phone connected do the net, to have the updates every minutes, it’s seems the rest of the world does not exist, because my mind was always with you in the studio.

We dream a lot about you, to meet you, talk for a minute or get an autograph, but I never thought or imagine you could give us so much happiness, never in my dreams I imagine to have pics or videos from the studio.

At Nalen show my dreams were realized, but this time you amazed me.

Here we keep on doing everything we can to promote you; I talk to everyone about all of this.



princesa2004 said...

thanks you joey for this message it's fantastic!! It's a great job

See you soon

greating for Barcelona (spain)


The Fewkes Family said...

I have been a fan since the 80's and FINALLY got a chance to see you live a couple of years ago at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA). It was a total treat!

Thank you for putting this blog together. It's nice that you keep in contact with your fans via the internet. This is an amazing thing. It makes you seem more personable.

Thank you for all that you do. You guys are amazing.


joeylove53 said...

hello Joey! j'attends avec impatience ce noubel album!
Claire from Switzerland

Franca said...

Joey thank you so much for your words and for this blog....
What can I say....I love you guys!!!
I'll be here everyday to read your news :-)

LindaPinda said...

Evereybody thinks there is coffee in his mug. But if you look better.. you 'll see a beer can!
wonder what that's doing there...?

can't wait to hear the new album!!
keep up the good work guys!!

Greetzz from holland!

Bojana said...

To Simon:
I can't speak for joey but it can be interpreted in many ways. i personally think that he meant that he isn't using those first 5 albums as a reference to what they are gonna do in the future. you know what i mean? it's hard to explain, but maybe they could say "that thing we did on SFTD was great, we can try out something like that" and they wouldn't say that about TFC cause it was very looong time ago. many things have changed in 20 years. but i know he does think that those records are worth thinking about, because they still play songs from all those old albums on the tours.
but i don't know if it's what he meant but that was how i interpreted it.

jh23 said...

hI JOEY THANKYOU soooo much for your video message,you always look so happy which brightens my day jag elgsha dig if i can remember my swedish?Is there any way that we can download these blog as a memory?? love Janetx

vonnyloveseurope said...

Hi, My dear:
Nice to see you again and to listen to your words. I can see you're really excited with the new challenge and I hope you enjoy it. I guess this is just what you've been looking for and I feel happy for you, for all what you've achieved and your powerful friendship. Thanks for let us be part of you everyday life.

rockin' dreamer said...

Hello Joey,
Thank you for your words.
I really appreciate that you keep us updated.And how!
Made me smile again when I was depressed (happens a lot nowadays).

Best wishes

er,...question, what do you really have in that cup?

branka said...

Joey, youre soooo cute with this cup... Does your arm hurts??? Thanx for letting us know what s going on in studio.
Love, Branka

Sofiiie Pettersson* said...

Joey , du är bäst <3