Tuesday, 9 December 2008


This time, we're taking some new directions with our songs, and we're exploring different styles. There is a definite classic rock vibe on some of the tracks... a tip of the hat to groovin', funkin' 70s rock songs - but ones we have bought into the here and now. We've also got a couple of great ballads in the pipeline, and some thundering rock tracks that will knock you on your asses! :-)

We've taken all the best qualities from our modern recordings, and catapulted them to a whole new level. We hope you'll enjoy them.

More following soon...



Angela said...

I love the thought of a versatile album!

You're making it really hard to be patient! LOL

MORE PLEASE!<---- see?

Fernanda said...

Let me tell you, this "Breakdown" song, sounds f*cking great!!!!
Love it!!!!

Stein-Vidar said...

Sounds promising, can't wait to hear the album! :)

ALUAP said...

that's why I love you guys

Deni said...

Wooow!!! Sounds great! You have put all our requests in one album! It will be a killer! Let the Europe times rock!

here comes the night said...

That sounds just like a dream!I love how ever Europe album has a different sound, that end time you guys go into the studio you're so scions about what you create. Just one of the many reasons why Europe is my favorite band!

ravscool said...

Wow That looks like a good balanced album.

It will be definetly a killer one.

You improove with every new album and that's awesome!

Can't wait for the release date.

Promote this new baby in Portugal, alright?

All the best

Zuril said...

WOW! It seems that another Masterpiece is borning :-)

Thanks guys for let us knows the last updates and to show this great consideration to us.

You're REALLY the best! :-)


Mari said...

Hi Rockers!

Firts of all thank you for share the new album recording with us, you're amazing.

1st.It will be the song "Brokedown" the single(title) of the new album?

2nd. When do you think that the new album it'll be ready?

We're preparing our 3rd Europe party in Barcelona, for celebrate the new album...But you really know it that for the times before, isnt'it? So... we need to know the date as soon as possible... ;)haha.

This time it'll be some bands playing there and is very possible that one of them it'll be Swedish.

I love what I heared, keep rocking!!

Love and Respect