Tuesday, 9 December 2008


A couple more videos shot today in the studio... more updates tomorrow.


Stein-Vidar said...

These previews sound great! This sounds like it's gonna be an amazing album.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very good and thank you guys for doing this!

ravscool said...

Great sonority :)

You're breaking new barriers with the new album.

It sounds so 70's great.

This album with be a killer like Ian said to me some time ago.

I'm starting to hum the new songs and they're still fresh and in the making.

Thank you for letting us hear some bits.

See you tomorrow if there's no more updates today.

Have a good night of sleep, you deserve it.

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

ALUAP said...

It sounds good, and you are the best to allow us to listen

here comes the night said...

Previews... how lucky are we?! Awesome... thank you guys! Absolutely killer!

petitoiseau74 said...

I'm proud to be a Europe fan, your new songs sound fantastic. LOVE!

rucamiau said...

this is amazing !!
i'm so happy that we can hear a bit of the songs

Angela said...


Just kicked my ass all the way to the moon!

Anonymous said...

Simply one word: Fantastic!!
I'm in college now, but not
leave to stay connected to you!


Anonymous said...

Ah! one more thing: good night, I hope for you tomorrow!

More kisses!

EffeTiBi said...

Great songs here guyz! :) It sounds like you're on a "Yesterdaze news" trip, because it reminds of seventies vibe with a hard edge... and the first song it speaks of american hard rock sound... In fact you've always been playing "Yesterday's News" live, and in my opinion your new direction is really that... AMAZING! You rule... Thanx for all these x-mas presents in advance ;)

Chiromi said...

....Good night...see you tomorrow!..Thanks for the emotions..!!!

olga maría said...

Good morning!!!This song sounds really, really good. Please, continue with the blog a couple of days more!!!!I am looking forward to hearing the brand new albumb.Fantastic work guys!!

angelmedia said...

can't wait to hear the final result!

justine with love said...

It sounds fantastically.I am thankful hugely that I can observe as you work.It signifies many for me.
You are perfect.I salute!!!

Konni said...

what a sound , it's fantastic

hope to see you on tour in germany
maybe in Essen ; )


Sylwia said...

You are the best!!!Great songs :-)))

Simoontje said...

WOW This realy rocks!!!!!
Sounds real good!
-> Dust came down here...:):):) My volume on my computer was turned to max... LOL

Chiromi said...

....GOOD MORNING!!!!....
Happy job!!!....I think you!!!!

Daniela said...

Good morning guys!!

I really love to enter in your blog and find out something new everyday! You are great sharing your new job with us!

I already appreciate the new sound, which is a fuck*** rock sound! I'm very curios about the rest, so I'll come back today to check out the latest news...

Have a good day guys!

Love and admiration,


Elena from Italy said...

So Groovy!It's amazing how you always manage to keep up with your awesome music without getting repetitive!None of your albums is similar to the others!Absolutely impressive!

LINA said...

For all a good work

breakfree said...

Thanx for sharing the recording and some previews this way! Makes me longing for the release even more. This is sounding so great.

Wish you lots of joy recording the rest!

Phnom said...


I'm getting shiver by your music!!
Love, Simon Marksén