Thursday, 18 December 2008


Hello everyone.

Hard at work in the studio in Stockholm. Norum is laying down some great guitars using both Les Paul and Strat for the rhythm guitars. Joey's working on lyrics. When asked what the songs are about he just replies "defiance, politics and sex.....not particular in that order".

In between Norum's guitar overdubs both Mic and Leven records some of their magic. Leven has put down some fret-less bass. Mic some pads and and Nord klav. We're also preparing a score for a strings orchestra we're gonna record on a few tracks in Prag.

Ian just came in to visit us in the studio. Straight from doing his radio show. As you know the drums are already done and fabulous. We're working here in Stockholm until Sunday. Then we start up again on the 5th of Jan. in Gothenburg with vocals, keyboards and more guitars.

There will however be lyric work and other preparations over the holidays. But we'll try and get a few days of over Christmas.

There is a rumour that the "real" Santa's gonna appear this year.

Talk to you soon.



Anonymous said...

I see John wasn't going for the fretless, but for the string-less approach.
Allready knew he was a good guitar-player, but didn't expect this

Paolo said...

Merry Christmas to you guys! I know your new album will surpass everything you've done this far!


Anka said...

Are you gonna preparing a score for a strings orchestra? Realy? It,s very interesting idea! Your sound with orchestra in concert "Almost unplugged" was excellent!!!"we're gonna record on a few tracks in Prag". Then you are will be near by me. :-) Kissesssss Guys!Good luck!

Anka said...

Hi JOnh L! Such a LUMINOUS blouse! :-D

Jenny said...

Thx a lot for those lovely news!

Great to see some new pics and read about your ongoing project in this album.
You seem to have many ideas and things to add here, love it!

Read yesterday that ZZ Top is coming to SRF, how cool is that??
Have bought some of their old records (the first one and Three amigos) and Im very happy to be able to see the. Ok, that was a sidetrack, but they are the best bluesplayers ever, yay =)

Thx again, its a huge pleasure to follow this work and the treats and things you give us.
You're the best band ever.
/J xx

simona scorza said...

Hello boys, I am in store to work.
I'm waiting for my father, mother and sister...
They are in machine and are coming from Toscany to find me in Sicily...
They are three months that I do not see my parents...
Little hours ago my mother has telephoned to me, she was listening and singing "Coast to coast"...I have begun to cry...I'm very happy...
Simona Scorza

Silvia said...

Hello friends, a pleasure to have you around again, I see that recording is the wind in its sails .. that is good, many new ideas, you are really creative .. thanks for the news, from here you feel heat, cheers.
PD.Jompa! You are brilliant! Je, je.

Silvia said...

I believe that Santa also will remember you.

Deni said...

Lovely pics,guys! Thank you for the updates and for keeping us in touch!Everything about the album sounds great, I feel that it will be a magical one! I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas to you and your families!

Mari said...

Hi there,

Thank you very much, for continue keep us on date with your work.
It's very nice to see than you have many good ideas for this album, you're working so hard.I really think that this new one is going to be a blast.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Btw are we really going to Know the "real" Santa's" ;) will be a pleasure to meet him...hahaha


Plamena said...

Big gulp Ian :)))(Mic's pic)
for sure you're working reaaally hard - so tired faces.
next time show us some dimples, pleeease ;)
tnx for the post anyway :)

ALUAP said...

Hi guys! Thanks for the news, you are realy kind to keep us update.

ravscool said...

Great to know more updates from the studio.

Thanks guys, you really are the best band a fan can have.

All the best

/Rodrigo Silva

jh23 said...

Hi Guys,merry Christmas to you all,thankyou for the updates,i just can't wait to hear the new cd!!!The best band ever!!! love Janet UKx

vonnyloveseurope said...

Hello, my dear:
It's great to know about you everyday. I can see you're quite busy but thanx for answering about the songs themes, I suppose Joey has written just beautiful lyrics as usual, lots of kisses for you.

Fernanda said...

Orchestra arrangements!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I´m in heaven!!!!!! Keep the good, work guys!!!!
Merry Christmas to you and your families!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! and the work continues ... (for me too, hehe..!).Boys I'm excited with what they are preparing with such commitment! We are always together!

Mystery ... Who is this "real" Santa's?

Merry Christmas to you and your families!!

EffeTiBi said...

Score for orchestra... OMG! I bet this cd will be a real blast, I think you're cooking for all of us something really big! When I read about your work in progress my excitement rise to the sky! :)

EffeTiBi said...

Beautiful pics, by the way! Joey writing the lyrics on a Mac... what a blast, poetry in motion!

Stormy.Raincloud said...

Ian has a radio show? Please could someone give me details about this?

petitoiseau74 said...

You are working very hard these days, but I know it will be a funny album. I wish a merry Christmas to all the Europe members and their family. KISSES.

CandyT said...

Hello boys!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

hugs & kisses

Stefania said...

Thank you so much guys for all the fantastic stuff you're sharing with us! You're the best!!!


With love,

Daniela said...

Guys, I really like the way you are managing your blog and I appreciate alot the videos you are sharing with us all!

I'm proud to be a fan of yours :) :)

I wish to you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy (Rocking) New Year!