Wednesday, 10 December 2008


We're very pleased with the drums so far... comin' up, John L will open his bag of tricks and we'll put down some more of his groovin' bass tracks which will give us a powerful rhythm section. Can you handle it?


Plamena said...

heh :)

Anka said...

A bass guitar is a important instrument! How do you use this magic box? ;-) I can't handle it!

ravscool said...

Now it's time for the bass master deliver his magic :)

Groove it like there's no tomorrow ok?

Have fun today at the studio.

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

ravscool said...

And yes, we can handle it very well.

Bring up the most hard beat you can do.

justine with love said...

Have a good fun.I am with you all the time :) And I will be always

Anonymous said...

Can't handle it Jompa! ;)

crazy lady said...

Bring it on. We can take it!

ALUAP said...

yes, we can! Go on

Anonymous said...

When I was a child, I got a little blue guitar of my father and I loved it, but I stopped playing for a while, I now restart.
I have a lot of curiosity and attraction for bass guitar!

Kiss Leven :-D

Kinga said...

Hi, guys,
I just wanted to share with you my nostalgic reflection on how amazig it is to read your recording diary almost on-line. I wonder if you know, that when I was 13, (21 years ago...) in Poland we couldn't buy any foreign music magazines, cause none of them were avaible. (not only the magazines, the toilet paper was also rarely there in the shops) So to see some pictures of you and read some articles, I would go every Sunday to a flee market, where I would sell my brother's old toys to earn some money to buy seperate PAGES from Bravo, and other magazines. Can you imagine? And to get "Wings of Tommorow" album on tape, I would go for miles by bus to a place, where some guys had a little "store" where they recored on tapes albums of foreign artist. (sorry, guys, you didn't get a penny for my copy of your album :) We simlpy didn't have record stores back then.
That's what I call a fan's commitment! Now all you need to do is open your computer.
Sign of the times...

All the best from Poland.

Silvia said...

The bass plays a role unamble here.
We go John us demonstrate what you are worth.
I encourage and good luck!
Rock on!

Mari said...

Hej "Jonny low notes" ;)

Give us the most powerful rhythm, that you've ever done untill now!
Can you handle it? We can...

Have fun tomorrow Jompa.

All the best,


toni and natalia: the bas-s brothers said...

We know You ready to rock!

From Bas-s to Bass

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

I would listen Jompa play during these days
oh! just a few notes, please...
I love a lot the sound of the bass.


NorwayCallin`Europe said...

Bring it on John!!
I love it when you play your bass.
I can handle it!-)

THRILLHO_use said...

Leven, how about a nice review of equipment?

4 strings 4 life!