Tuesday, 9 December 2008


We know you've probably a ton of questions you'd like to ask us... so we're inviting you to post your questions in the comments section here.
Sometime (probably this evening) we will get around to answering a few of them. Go crazy people!


Sybil Fawlty said...

I would totally love to know the name of the song from the Clip that Ian is playing on?

And where did you get most of your inspiration from for the base sound of this album. From what I hear so far, which could be totally off base, this album sounds to be one of your hardest yet to come ;=P Love it!!...

guppy said...

What are the topics of the lyrics for this album? Anything that might invite us to (re-)open our minds or give us something to think about?

Vadim Viks said...

Hello guys! Perhaps my question is a bit out of topic, but I'd really like to ask You if there might be any chance to see you in Estonia next year???


Sybil Fawlty said...

Oh.. too ..just for shits and giggles, Im curious what if any good luck items or ritual like things some of you carry over in the studio for recordings...for instance..lmao... some people dont "shave personals" while in the studio lmao lmao..... so????

JimmyZ said...

I wonder where you are recording? Someone told me it was in Kungälv is that right? Or is it in Stockholm?

I must say that it sounds really good in the clips you´ve put up so far, keep up the good work and give us more. ;)

Are you gonna produce this one yourself like you did with SS?

I also wonder if you have any tourplans to Portugal next year? I know there are fans there dying to see you, either doing the Rock in Rio festival or headlining gig.
You´ve never played in Portugal so it´s about time don´t you think?

See you at Sweden rock in June.

Quila said...

To John Norum:
When you play the solos on the dokken albums and also on your solo albums it is much faster and a different style of playing,do you know what i mean?It sounds more like malmsteen,sykes and lynch.more heavy and technical.
Are you going to play that way again on this europe album?I think the solos on the latest europe albums is a bit to slow and melodic,but i like that to!I love your way of playing and you are the greatest...take care/Quila

Aleksander said...

I was wondering what kind of microphones, guitars and amp John Norum is using on this album. And also what kind of drum kit Ian is using.
And could you please take a picture of the microphone placement on the guitar cabinet?

The clips you posted sounded amazing! Really inspiring for us young musicians

And by the way, I think Norums melodic solos are great" And that new solo you posted, WOW

ALUAP said...

Guys, i want to ask you if we can vote for the title of the new album? I mean, you tell us 2 or 3 titles you have chosen, and we all vote, them you have got a better idea about what we all like!

Anonymous said...

Will you release the song Ian's playing as a single?
You should!
This little part alone rocks amazingly!

And what album titles are you thinking of?

Buggybulldozer said...

I just wanna say that the song that you play in the video with Ian and his drums sounds very promising!
Is it the same song Joey is putting vocals on in the video that follows?

Deni said...

Hi, guys! I want to ask you if you are planning to come to Bulgaria again? I didn't have the chance to see you in Lovech, so I hope our small country will be in you tour plans again.
Also I was wondering who is the writer of the ballad, that will be in the new album?
I see everybody's doing great in the studio, the recording goes well. Keep on rocking! I think this will be the most expected album ever!

stormwind1982 said...

Will there be a nice ballad on the new album? Will John also play a fender guitar or just gibson? I would love the album to sound like wings of tomorrow! The intro of the song in the Ian video is amazing :)

franceivikingu said...
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gibsonlove_ said...

Norum & Levén: Are you single?

Zebastian said...

Hi Europe! Have you any plans for a tour in sweden next year? I know you´re going to play the Sweden Rock but Iam talking about a whole tour to a lot of cities.
I saw you in gothenburg 2006 and that was an amazing show!
Hope to see you soon again!

Goodluck with the recordings


Zebastian said...

Hello again! I have another question:
how will the new album be?
Will it be like secret society or start from the dark or more like the 80ies?

ravscool said...

Hi guys. Amazing work you've done so far.

I would like to know the main theme of the album and if it's introspective like the last one.

Can you come to Portugal next year, please? I know this is off topic but we're waiting since 2003 and some since 1986.

Come to Portugal for your debut here.

Keep on updating your advances in recording :)

/Rodrigo Silva

JimmyZ said...

To Joey:

Has the fact that you became a father a year ago reflected the lyrics on this album?

What ever happened to that Vault thing on your website you talked about a few years ago? That was gonna contain a lot of stuff for the fans, rare footage etc...

franceivikingu said...
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Iukiowi said...

Hi Europe, my favouriteband all of the time!

Great youre back again!
I have a special question: I saw Bon Jovi in Oslo in june and when I was outside the arena there was a man looking just like Joey Tempest. I didnt know if it was you or just a look-alike.
I have been thinking many times about that and I still don´t know if it was you.
So the question is: was it possible you?`

Hope you´ll answer!

Thank you!

Fernanda said...

Sorry, but I have more than one question....

1) Do you have any ideas about the cover art already????

2) Who´s producing the album??

3) Are you considering this time, to visit places you´ve never been before???


MALTISA said...

Hi guys! I have got two questions, one for the group and the other for Joey. The question for the group:When EUROPE write a song in Spanish?, and a spanish chorus?, we are many Spanish-speaking fans. And to Joey's question is: (I hope this will not be an uncomfortable question)There will be a song for James in the new album?

greetings to all and happy Christmas!


MALTISA said...
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ALUAP said...

?Do you plan to write a song dedicated to your fans?

Lydia said...

Thank you very much for showing your new work to us. Are you ready for a new tour? We want to see you. We are many Spanish fans. Thank you!!

Natalia-sotnos said...

Privet guys . Tack for you video , its so nice . Joey you have excelletnt voice , i am admired by your vocal! And my question to Joey and all band - you have planned come back to Russia again with new album ?

Kram . Natalie

Angela said...

I'm really looking forward to your next album and tour-does the tour also lead you to Austria again?

And- by the way-greetings to
Al "Ian" Bundy...haha

rockatroll said...

Hi europe!!
Hope you have a good time in the studio!!
I saw the picture of the list of songs. Is there really a song called Ass or is it just a DO for something else like A Singalong Song? =)

What does the number after the titles says? Is it the tempo of the song?

Anonymous said...

Just thanks for keeping on your work together and to share with us your enthusiasm in doing it. All the best! Warmest hugs,

james said...

If you had to give this album a genre? What genre do you think suits it most?

Dorota said...

At first thanx for your work.
And second - is it a chance to hear your new songs (and not only)in Poland during next tour?
Hope for getting answer.

THRILLHO_use said...

Hi guys, I've got 2 questions:

1. Will there be any cover tunes or instrumental tracks on the new album?

2. Will there be any songs on the new album in a heavier, proto-power metal style (like the debut & Wings). It's NOT that I DON'T like the bluesier stuff on "Start" and "Society", but I want to hear you guys ROCK THE FUCK OUT!!!


Sybil Fawlty said...


What are you thoughts and How do like blogging from the studio?

And what do you think of your fans reactions to it and the new sound so far?

rockatroll said...

Whats the name of the song Joey is singing in the video with the lyrics:

I break down cause I have no choice?
I think this album can be a really good album!!

Goodluck with everything!!!!

Angela said...

Hi guys!

First of all, the 65 million dollar question: USA? yes, no, maybe...please? Is a tour here something you are hoping for?


I think it's great how you all have embraced the web and used it to your advantage. Have you considered doing something similar to this when you are touring? I think it would be a wonderful thing for those of us who can't travel far distances to see you live. Backstage videos, videos of travel to interesting places, the reactions of the fans, would all be very exciting things for us to see!

is it a possibility?

Håkan said...

To John Norum:
How is it to be a true guitar hero?hehe...I mean it is you and Yngwie that people knows and talk about in and outside sweden,i think you are number one!
also i was woundering what kind of music you listining to and what other guitar-players you like.wher do you get your inspiration to wright songs and how do you plan the solos for a song?And do you still keep in contact whit the Dokken boys?You are my guitar hero Johnny!

ravscool said...

I also would like to know if there is going to be an instrumental.

Paolo said...

My question is for John. One of the strongest aspects of Secret Society is the bass playing, without a doubt. Do you add your own bass lines to the songs, or do the other guys offer ideas?

Again, your playing was excellent on Secret Society.

Sylwia said...

We want to see you in Poland, please! ?????
Greetings to all !

EuropeLover said...

Hi my love. I wanna ask you something.
Are you gonna use the new Europe logo, or the old Europe logo on the new Album cover ?

angelmedia said...

Ian how come you are playing Pearl drums instead of Yamaha? and is the musical drum approach different this album then other europe ones?

NorwayCallin`Europe said...

Hi boys!
SO GREAT to "see and hear" you all again and of what i have heard so fare this is going to be and interesting album.
This is totally worth beeing home sick from work today!!!!
You really lightens my day once again !-)THANK YOU!!

To me the song titles seems a little bit dark and thoughtfull
so i wonder what "road" you are going down this time??(if there are any :-)
Do you have the date/mounth set for the release??
Are we going to get more of Levens magical bass play this time ??

Anyway,i trust you once again to forefill yours and our musical dreams.....
Have fun in the studio,i know this is what you live for.....;-)


Anonymous said...

I want to see you in Poland next year, too!

Anyway, my question isn't really related to the studio stuff, persay...I was just wondering if y'all are familiar with any of the new swedish rock that is bursing onto the scene-bands like H.E.A.T definitely seem to be taking cues from you. Do you have any favorites or bands that you are particularly excited about?

and if you had the choice and could have whoever you want, who would you want to open up for you on a tour?

thanks guys, rock on! I look forward to hearing your new CD in its completion!

crazy lady said...

Will there be more keyboards on he new album than the last one?
When the new album is released is there any chance of some bass tab being put online so us learners can play along with the new stuff?
Cheers Hel.x

Valérie said...

Hello guys!

The titles songs in the picture... are the definitive titles?

Do you put in the cd more songs than the picture see us ? ;-)

Thanx for all!


TOMI said...

i would like to ask ian what kinda paiste crashes is using for this session...signatures? fast,full,power????
and what kinda snares he's using for this album?

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

could you please characterize the songs of your new album? still my favourite is the start from the dark.

will there be a tour through europe/germany after the release? i would be pleased if i could spend my 3rd successive europe-conccert.

thanx and rock on!


TOMI said...

i would like to know what kindacymbals ian using for this session...signatures? fast,power,full?
and if it's not a request what kinda snares you using ian for this album?

thank you!

Mic's girl! said...

Hi guys! When you do the next tour are you going to do some accoustic material, old aswell as new? The Nalen show was so good it seems a shame to leave it as a one off!



Mic's girl! said...

Hello again! Just listened to the clip. I love it. Mic! very John Lordish on the keyboards!(no I can't play the final countdown yet even though you wrote the notes down for me back in London Hotel 2005!! I am a closet Rainbow/Deep purple fan and I guess that's why I like yoour music so much. Hope there is more keyboard sounds on this new album.

Thank you again.


xelekl77 said...

När kommer ni att ge ut erat album? Och när får vi veta vart och när ni ska spela? :)

here comes the night said...

When you are recording a song I guess drums get put down first right, if that's what you guys are putting down now. Does that mean the song Ian's playing along with is the demo of the song? Could you describe the process a little? (A curious young "sort of" musician =D)

At what point of the song writing process do the guitar solos come in? I was surprised when you put up the video of Norum soloing already! I thought that was a last thing.

Then.... PLEASE, will there be any, even just a singular, Europe shows ANYWHERE on North America for this next album? (Had to ask...)

stringbender said...

question for john N ...
i would like to give you chance to try my custom 8-string monster..wanna...can this be arranged?

regards mathias from sweden...

Jenny said...

First of all I want to express how I LOVE this vibe and sounds even if its just in production and a lot to work on. Very promising!!

My question:

How do you feel about the musicbusiness today, is it just a dark future or do you feel that you can work around those issues and create you personal solutions and ideas to make it work?
Its a huge question but Im just curious on how you think about the development today.

Thx for the wonderful idea of releasing a vinyl and this blog!!

Loads of hugs from the Kingside "stalker" ;)

michaeljessen,dk said...

Hi Guys

This blog / video is AWESOME for us diehard fans to follow your recording

Will you make a full video "the making of the album" to release on your website later on ? -maybe in your "vault" ?

Since you're recording in Gothenburg, Is Kee stopping by for a guest appearance on the album? :)

John Norum; What guitars are you using to record
this album?

Joey; how is the songwriting credits on this album? -You, Mic and John N again?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, on the new album, can we find some fast and loud tracks in the style of wings of tomorrow and start from the dark?


One of your biggest FANS on this world, here in BELGIUM!!!! I've got eveything about EUROPE, JOHN NORUM AND JOEY SOLO also the side-projects from IAN, JOHN LEVEN AND MIC!!!


Hope to see you on the next tour in Belgium, see ya and metal greetz to all of YOU.

here comes the night said...

Your going to have over a hundred by tonight =p.

I have another though!

When would a single for this album be released? Any clues as to which song?

You guys know you're amazing for letting all the fans poke and prod you from the internet while you're recording don't you? I've never been so excited about music in my life!

/Mary Lou

toni and natalia: the bas-s brothers said...

Hi Gentlemen of Rock, here again. All your music is like water in a sandland for us. The new work sounds great!
We ask Joey, a few days ago, in your website if you make a spanish cover of anyone of your songs, cause Joey have a perfect pronuntiation on our language. We love the way you play the blues and we think you can play and sing all kind of music.

All our respect to the Tempest Man and the Four Nature Forces!
And more Solo Bass please, hehe

Our question and wish: are you happy?

Toni and Natalia Bas

TimeToRun said...

Hey guys!

First, I can't wait until this album comes out, everything I've heard so far sounds perfect! And this blogging thing is just great, it really made my day to come home and find out all these news about the next album ;D

My question is for John Norum (might be a little out of topic, but anyways...):
What made you pic up the guitar as a kid and where do you find inspiration for your playing today?
For me, it was YOU that made me pic up the guitar! // Shirin

janni said...

thank you for opening the "flood gates" so to speak he he. i have one question i really hope you will answer....the release date of the Almost Unplugged dvd from Nalen?
there are many speculations and i know a lot of fans would appreciate some true facts...

Albireo said...

Will you record all the songs what was in the list or will you leave out some of them? If you will record all of them, maybe some of them can be single b-sides...? (;

Tempestgirl said...

Hi, my favourite guys,

It's great news and I'm very happy about we will have a new Europe-Album next year. I'm your Fan since the beginning, I grew up with your songs and the lyrics from "Hero" speak right from my heart.

What I want to know: do you intend to come to Munich on your next tour? Please don't miss our beautiful city - and me of course ;-).

Keep on rockin' guys!!

Forever yours,


Anitacska said...

Guys, thank you so much for these updates, so nice to hear from you again.

My question is will you PLEASE PLEASE come to the UK (preferably London) next year? It's been too long since your last London gig on Valentine's Day 2007! ;)

Also, will you release the Nalen gig on DVD soon? Thanks.

Silvia said...

I have two questions, if is possible:
This is for everyone,
You have well-considered where you will record the video of the first single? Can you to do it in Spain as Cherokee...???
And two.
This one is for John Leven.
You have thought in change or of doing(painting) under? He needs it... Well, that such these of your injury? I wait that much best friend, a kiss.
Good luck guys.
Rock on!!

Silvia said...

I refer to the change or painting the bass guitar, ejem .. sorry.. not badly thinking!!! is a fault of the fucking translator.

Arina said...

Hi guys!

First of all I'd like to say it's a very COOL plan to keep your fans posted about the recordings...
It's appreciated a lot!

Can you give an indication when the new one will be released?

It hard to wait already now...

Keep on rockin'in that studio... and I will follow....

Grtz & hugs

frampala said...

Hallo from Greece
Since I'm a riff-aholic fan,I'd like to know if you'll please my ears with lots of heavy riffs(played with John Norum's magic way) in this new album.
It's really great that you're sharing this with us!!!

Mei said...

Wow all the videos & pics are great.
I've never done drugs (though I deal with drugs every day ^^) but this must be exactly how it feels to be high...only this time we are on the 3-day super Europe Ecstasy... :)
It's 2am I am up reading all the posts & watching all the videos over & over again... ^^"

Oh and thanks a lot for the Nalen Double Vinyl! Can't think of a better Xmas gift (Ian you didn't fail your promise in Bilbao!)
I bought 2 copies...hope they will arrive before Christmas. :)

OK I don't know how you are going to answer all the questions but I will throw in 2 anyway.
Why did you decide to do Ian's part first? Any particular reason or sequence?
And when will you meet again to do the rest of the recording?

Mei....too sleepy to think straight but I am sure I will have a sweet dream about Europe rocking the studio to hell....or heaven.. :)

Simoontje said...

First of all I wanna thank you for sharing your photos, videos and comment with us!
* Are there plans to release a DVD from Nalen and would you put videos from Dalhalla on it? (please...!)
succes and have fun, Simone

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I have no questions yet, what I saw and heard so far left me very happy and excited for the next album!
I would say it is wonderful to accompany them during this day, people are extremely competent and admirable! I love you!


Maxi said...

I'm echoing someone else's question about the cover art. I really hope you go in a similar direction as you did with the Secret Society cover. Let me tell you, whenever or wherever I have used the t-shirt with the Soceity-art, the room's usually buzzed with discussions about it. Great way for us fans to promote you!

Mark Hamlet said...

What direction musically is the album heading in? Will it be similar to Secret Society?

What Studio are you working in?

Will you ever tour Australia?

Keep on Rocking!

franknwl said...

Hi Guys, this blog was such a great idea, loving
being able to keep up with what you are doing
and it is all sounding and looking great!
Keep up the great work am looking forward to
the new Album and hoping to see you again soon
in London!

Anka said...

I’m growing up and you’re growing up for many years. The time passes very quickly. We changed our appearance. But our soul is still young. I think that the music gives it to us.
What are you doing that you have still a lot of power and such a good inspiration to create the lyrics and the music? Sometimes a life is very hard yet!
Thanks for your songs and music!Poland is still waiting for YOU - EUROPE!

princesa2004 said...

fantastic job. I love the new sound of a mixture. What I want to be able to listen to your new job guys. a greeting from Barcelona (Spain)

My question is:

This new record will sound more like a start from the dark or secret society or anything to do with the two? Thank you. Congratulations on the fantastic work they are doing. MERCHE (PRINCESA)

Mari said...

Hi Rockers!
Sorry I'm posted this before but in a wrong place...;)

Firts of all thank you for share the new album recording with us, you're amazing.

1st.It will be the song "Brokedown" the single(title) of the new album?

2nd. When do you think that the new album it'll be ready?

We're preparing our 3rd Europe party in Barcelona, for celebrate the new album...But you really know it that for the times before, isnt'it? So... we need to know the date as soon as possible... ;)haha.

This time it'll be some bands playing there and is very possible that one of them it'll be Swedish.

I love what I heared, keep rocking!!

Love and Respect

justine with love said...
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justine with love said...

I have just one dream for 18 years : please just one gig in Poland.And than i can die :) Notthing really matter to me. Just you and your music.With love.Justine.

Tone Irene said...

Hey guys. My question is how you plan to promote this album? Any new twists? What can us fans do, aside from what we already are doing?

Norway loves you :P (Yeah I know, cliché, but I'm stumbling across soo many fans out there..)

Kram Tone Irene

justine with love said...

"Broken dreams
Leave you standing so sad
Broken dreams
They can hurt you so bad
But what can I say?"

Do you remember it? Don't let my dreams turn to broken dreams...

You're love of my life.

I invite you to my country.To my p
With love.Justine.

loredana said...

Hi, here I'm again in front of my computer after a very hard job day simply grateful to you to have this possibility! It seems to me to stay inside the record studio with you! Fantastic!!Just few words to Joey: thanks for your voice! It touches my soul everytime I'm listening to it like the very first time: many years ago on my radio...And now a brief question: Do you think to do a promotional tour for the new album? And is there a chance to see you again in my country, in Rome?
Bye and always keep on rockin!!!

Tempestgirl1970 said...

Guys, what we expect this new album? They will promote the whole Europe?

ravscool said...

Hi again guys.

I have a new batch of questions.

Will the new album have a song in the way of Stormwind? (I really like that one)

Do you thought of re-releasing all your 7 albums on Vinyl?

In 2002 we could read on Aftonbladet about "Rock The Night" compilation:
Not just the hits
"We will soon get together to choose songs for a mini-box with two CDs and a DVD. It will not only be the hits, but also live songs, demos and unreleased material," says Joey Tempest. It’s mainly from 1989 - 1991 that we have spare songs like "Wanted Man", "Never Gonna Let You Go", "Little Sinner", "Don't Know How to Love No More" and a version of "Stranded" that Joey wrote for Tone Norum.

"Some of the songs are already spread among the fans by copying, but we can release them with the best sound quality possible," says Joey


As these songs weren't released on that compilation, could they be released with the new album as past demos in a digipack deluxe edition?

Take care

Aleksander said...

Could you please post a picture of the microphone placement on the guitar cabinet. Because I have never been able to catch the great sound that comes out of my Marshall JCM 800. Even with shure sm57's. So I really need some advice on where to point the microphones.

ps: thanks for answering my last question, it confirmed what I thought.

olga maría said...

First of all I want to thank you for this opportunity.I´ve been following you since I was very young, your music is a very important part in my life.

My question is for Joey.Would you consider,as the main composer of the music in Europe, to create a conceptual album?It would be great if you develop one idea through the songs of a CD or even one idea in two albums(Something similar to Use Your Illusion I and II by Guns ´n´ Roses)

You are like a member of my family. I want you to know that my daughters call you uncle Joey.

Kisses from the West of Spain.

Marián said...

Hi,guys!! I´m excited just to know you are going to read these lines I write to you. It has been a great surpsise hearing you are recording a new album, great!!!
I have grown up with your music, you introduced me to rock,but I haven´t had the possibility to see you in concert yet. I know you have come to Spain several times recently but I wait for you here in the south, in Malaga, Marbella. If you come to The Costa del Sol I promise you you will have a better dinner instead of the "Granada burnt chicken!!
Anyway, my question is : will you make more DVDs with this new album like Live from the dark? Great job.
I just can´t wait to listen to your new songs!!

All the best, Marián.

Wings Of Tempest said...

The new stuff sounds great so far, very much in the vein of Deep Purple (must be the organ sound). One of the clips Joey is singing on reminds me a little of "Rainbow Warrior", which is cool. :)

My question is, I wonder if the band has ever considered having Norum sing lead on a song, or having Joey and Norum do a duet as they did for "We Will Be Strong", for this album. I think that would be really cool.

Martin said...

To Europe

I know is crazy , but :
Can we the fans vote for the title of one new song or complete it ?

Another Q

How many tracks is going to have the new CD?

Anonymous said...


Natalia-sotnos said...

Hej guys . Russian fans very waited you in Moscow and had for you special gift 'Europe Pie ' , did you like this pie ?

Did you like Russian vodka which we present for John Norum after concert ? I hope that it has warmed you this cold evening :)


Agnieszka said...

I just want to thank you for your music. ...keep on walkin' that road and we'll follow !
We are waiting for you in Poland !
Will you come?

Bojana said...
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Rainer said...

Hi guys,

really digging your blogg! Just a small request from me: When you should tour Germany again next year (You do, right?) could you please play some stuff from the "Prisoners" record ? I know, John not likening the record, but i really would love to hear "All Or Nothing", "Talk To Me" or "Little Bit of Lovin'" Sadly i was to young to attend an Europe concert, when you originally released it, so i never had the chance to hear these songs live. Thanks for reading and keep rockin'


alex said...

Thanks for showing your work,is really wonderful to see something like this, at first time for me.
The new songs sounds very well,I´m looking forward to see you again in concerts.
Merry Christmas

Bojana said...

Thanks for all the updates! What is the name of the song that joey is singing in the video?

Zenobia said...

WOW this is so great! :) Thank you for throwing us a few bones. Our tails are wagging, can't you tell??

I'm so impressed you released Nalen on Vinyl!!! What made you all decide to do that? (Besides the obvious, LOL)

Thanks for the great music guys, look forward to more for many years to come.

Konni said...

hey guys,
what a fantastic sound, i can't wait to hear all of them.

who inspired you for the new album ?

lovely greetings from Germany

Phnom said...

Wow :) Det känns ganska häftigt att jag kan ställa frågor till er :)
JAg vill först säga att jag älskar eran musik jättemycket :)
Jag pratade med kee marcello på has guitar clinic för 2 veckor sedan och han hälsar så mycket.

Jag såg er i somras i skellefteå! Gud, jag trodde inte att du joey tempest var så bra på scen!
Jag stannade faktist kvar efteråt och hoppades att ni kunde signera min Final Countdown Lp platta ^^
Men jag fick höra en halvtimma efter jag stått där att ni for till hotellet direkt ^^

Det förstår jag. Det måste va lite jobbigt att signera och prata med "fan freaks" som jag. Nu slutar jag data lektionen, måste gå. JAg älskar eran musik! HA det så bra! / Simon Marksén

Alenka said...

Guys,guys,thank you for letting us see all that we can find here! I hope that the video footages will be available on You Tube a bit longer,for us without connection in our warm homes to have some time to get to the library where we can watch them!
And here's the same old,sad question again:will you ever come to Slovenia? I know you won't answer,because it's all in the hands of organizers and your management,but at least it will remind you that this is one of the lands you've never visited,but should do it!
P.S.Soon it will be 26.anniversary of your success on Lucia rock;I guess your decision to make this new album now is the greatest celebration of this happening! ;)

Håkan said...

Har ni sett att det är en omröstning på er hemsida europetheband.com
vilken är den bästa europe-plattan.


Vad säger ni om resultatet?Väntat?Eller?
Ha det så bra och gå in o kör järnet nu i studion!

Daniela said...

Guys, I know the sound will be harder this time, but I wonder: are you going to record any acoustic track for this new album of yours?

RnRCroatia said...

Hi Guys!

I would like to wish you good luck in recording the new album!
Sorry if any of my questions had been posted before, I hadn't seen them. Cheers!

1) Why do tracks like Love chaser, Towers calling, More than meets.., All or nothing, Never say die, Homeland... get cut out from every tour apart from the ones when that album was promoted??

2) What previous album would you say the new one might be the closest??

3) Did you ever consider making a track or two with Kee??

4) When would you consider some sort of tour might start? Would you consider visiting countries you hadn't in the past?? I know it doesn't really depend on you but the managment and the offers they receive, though, last time I talked to ppl from your managment and asked if there is any chance we negotiate a club gig in Croatia, I received a reply 'a festival gig only open air'.
Now, the price of the offer was huge and considering the band has never been here before, I don't think anyone would dare to try anything bigger than 1500 club.
Seems like a closed circle no matter how much we try and Croatia is in central Europe...

RnRCroatia said...

Hi Guys!

I would like to wish you good luck in recording the new album!
Sorry if any of my questions had been posted before, I hadn't seen them. Cheers!

1) Why do tracks like Love chaser, Towers calling, More than meets.., All or nothing, Never say die, Homeland... get cut out from every tour apart from the ones when that album was promoted??

2) What previous album would you say the new one might be the closest??

3) Did you ever consider making a track or two with Kee??

4) When would you consider some sort of tour might start? Would you consider visiting countries you hadn't in the past?? I know it doesn't really depend on you but the managment and the offers they receive, though, last time I talked to ppl from your managment and asked if there is any chance we negotiate a club gig in Croatia, I received a reply 'a festival gig only open air'.
Now, the price of the offer was huge and considering the band has never been here before, I don't think anyone would dare to try anything bigger than 1500 club.
Seems like a closed circle no matter how much we try and Croatia is in central Europe...

katefromrussia said...

Hey guys!
I am so happy and proud to be your fan!
It is great to know - the new album will be released soon)))
My question to Europe -
Were the funny things during these days in the studio? Tell us something about them.
And to Ian personally -
Will you plan the drum solo in new album?
I am waiting for the answer)))

Agnieszka said...

Hello again!
You know what? Play your music to the end of the world and one day longer! And don't forget about your polish fans, please! Is there any chance to see you in Poland? We have been waiting for you so long...
I'm waiting for your new album, and I'm waiting for YOU!

Best wishes

for-E-ver Yours

it´s just me said...

Just one question: Are there any tour plans for Germany in 2009? Maybe Hamburg, Hannover or Bochum??
I can´t await to see you playing live again!!!
Thanks for this great blog. Hope you will release the new cd soon. I´m really curious about it!!
Have fun during recording!


Eva said...

Hi u guys! You guys have so many fans in US.. Is it possible you will visit us on your next tour?? I've been a fan since 86'.. John Norum.. you are one of my favourite guitarist... and the reason why I love electric guitar so much :-).. Also.. Polish fans are waiting to see you there too..
Keep up the good work!!!

arsen said...

Joey, John Norum, Mic, John Leven & Ian - Hello there - It's Russia, Moscow here!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know any other bands who give such a great chance to their fans to see you workin'& rockin'in the studio !!! That's really AWESOME!!!
All I can say is "THANK YOU BOYS" for being what you are!!!

A few questions:

- What city are you recording in?

- How many songs do you plan to put in the album?

- What software do you use in the studio while recording material?
(I've heard that you were using "Logic Pro 8" from "Apple" - iz it really true?)

- Who was involved in writing lyrics for the new songs?
(did you Joey work alone on it or
did Mic or John or the other boys write the poetry and you kept on working on it, maybe adding something, making changes?)

- What month are plannin' to release "More iz More"?

so many things to ask I'm having....

Anyway, I'm sure You'll make one more Brilliant Europe album!!!
Good luck with the record process!!!

Remember - Here in Moscow We are always waiting for you to come - so please do vizit us!!!

P.S. You'll be Heroes if u answer at least one of them....)))))

Keep in touch

breakfree said...

Maybe asked before but... how many tracks will you record and how many will there be on the album. I will settle for about 20

LINA said...

Hello,group of boys.
I hope you answer my question;I will thank you

When Portugal is in yours plans?

Merry Christmas

Ramona said...

Joey,are you gonna wear leather paints again?
And now i want to ask you something more serious:How many tracks will be on this GREAT new album?

EuropeLover said...

Hi guys !!

Do you first record Ian's drums ? and after you mix it all together, or ?
How much time/how many hours do you spend in the studio at a day ?

petitoiseau74 said...

Hello everyone, welcome in France, come back again please !
My question is : why are you so absent in France, I mean on TV or radio ?

MIM said...

Hey guys!Thanks for this friendly blog.I think that during this tour and your journeys you has been special moments and good experiencies.Is possible that you has been compile ideas of all this for the new songs???.I´m surprise for the originals and different sounds.The mix of rock, with funk,and others concepts, is very good for the new generations and new fans.But, the ESSENCE OF EUROPE is very, very important too.Cheers!See you soon.

Elena from Italy said...

Hey guys, this is my question for you. As a band made by five different individuals (presumably with different tastes and/or ideas), did you experience any disagreement over the process of selection of the songs for the new album?Are you all wholeheartedly satisfied with the choices you've made in terms of sound and lyrics?

Vlatko said...

Thanks a lot for doing this,Europe loves their fans and we also love you,I think there's no such connection between other bands and their fans,this is like a family! I'm 27 now,but i've been 6 when my sister was crazy about you guyz,and we are still loyal to the biggest band in the world! Question for Ian!? I have your drumstick from wien show ( 2004 ),and the top of it is cutt off! Why? And a message for Joey: your solo albums are simply full of life,I've found myself in every song! Message for John ''The Biggest'' Norum: Man,You are the best,can't wait to hear magnetic soul!
God bless you all,give us at least 10 more albums! And hope to see you in Croatia!

JimmyZ said...

How come you didn´t film the Dalhalla shows for a DVD? I mean it was a perfect opportunity, 2 sold out shows at Dalhalla 2 nights in a row.

Any chance you´re gonna film the Sweden rock show?

THRILLHO_use said...

Any special guest artists to appear on the new album?

Mic Macovic said...

A question I've been struggling with is about the PRS. John Norum, that PRS have you been using? It seems very nice indeed. I love how it's handled. Is it a PRS SC-250 in OLD GOLD METALLIC? Have you done something extra with it? It is very nice to see you shift between the Les Pauls, Stratocasters, Flying V and this PRS. I hope we will see more of that.

Melani said...

Hi guys,

you are the best...over the years your music has always put a smile on my face. I have been your fan since the age of 13 - I grew up with you...And then I discovered you all over again!
This is what I want to know: will you ever come to Australia? I hate the fact that we're so far away and sometimes I hate the fact that I moved to Australia as that significantly reduced the opportunity of seeing you live in concert....
When I was 13, I hoped that I'd marry Joey one day (he he)....But I guess I wasn't the only one!
Thank you guys for your wonderful music, thank you for every broken heart you helped mend, thank you for looking after your fans - you are my heroes!

Marcino said...

Hi guys,

I know that on the upcoming tour you will play for us some powerful songs from the new album and that will be great. I want to ask you if you are planning to play some old songs that you haven't played for a long time, like "On The Loose" and "Danger On The Track"?

I'm a big Europe fan, but I'm also a big Scorpions fan :) Have you ever met guys from the Scorpions?

Stefanie said...

Things are sounding great guys! You never disappoint, and I am so anxious for the release of this album! My question is...and I'm sorry if you get these a lot but I gotta know...are you going to be able to bring this tour to the USA this time? Really going nuts to see a Europe show before I die! HAHAHA

All the best!


Anonymous said...


Ramona said...

Merry Christmas EUROPE and a Happy New Year!
What i want to know is there any chance to see you in Romania next year(2009).I've already seen EUROPE twice in Romania,but as you know,i want more....and more.So please,i would be happy to get an answer about that.
Bye,now.I love you guys,i love you Joey!

Andrew London said...

Have you ever considered doing a new song to be included in a action/thriller film. A track like Aerosmith Don't want to miss a thing would do wonders to spread the material of the band . Of course it depends our big the film is.
Hope all Europe,Their families and all the fans worldwide have a great christmas and we all can't wait for a rocking 2009 with a new tour and album.

Europe the Best band- blog said...

Hi Guys,Hi Joey!!!My name is Margaret(33 years).
My English is not good ,but I´ll gonna try... I hope that you´ll answer my question.
Fans also wait here for you :).I want to tell you that you are FANTASTIC,EXCELLENT,WONDERFUL.
Thank you for your music !!!!,that your songs are my inspiration in life.
Dear John Norum - a few words to you .I love your songs, especially "In your eyes", you're the best guitarist in the world.
Guys I admire you very much.I wish you successful work in recording a new album.
hugs for all!
Merry christmas guys. Let your dream and wishes come true and a happy new year!


Stein-Vidar said...

Will you make music videos for the single / singles from the album?

xxxx said...

Hey guys, Sending the summer love all the way from sunny New Zealand to you guys in the cold north!

Anyhow, I would love it if you could maybe answer some questions I have been waiting 20 years to know.

1) The Final Countdown Fender Stratocaster - John, Where is this strat that was used at Solnahallen for the promo vid & was it really a jap copy?
2) Ian! Where did that crazy big white Tama drum kit go? Do you still have it or is it now lost in time?
3) Joey, do you still have all the Final Countdown jackets & mic stands? Will we ever see you wear one just for one time ever again?

Hope to see you guys in NZ/Australia in the future, it was a shame you didnt come down under when you guys were huge back in the late 80's as I guess that was the only 'practical' time it would have been for you guys to come down to do a show or 2 and actually have the fan base there to pay for it etc but I hope you guys can make it down here one day. Metallica came with the Big Day Out in 2004, so hey lets see Europe here in 2011!

ravscool said...

Are you set to come to Portugal next year?

It would be great if you came to one of the festivals held here.

Portugal awaits you :)

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

xxxx said...

Oh yea one other thing. Was there any lyrics set to 'Where Men Won't Dare' at all and would you ever record it?

Krissyeurope74 said...
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Krissyeurope74 said...

Hi Europe again!!!!
What's the working title of the song in this video?


I like very very much the sound


olga maría said...

Thank you for being there,thank you for your music.

My question is: What are your feelings about the fact that you are so important for a lot of people? Do you feel embarrased or maybe grateful? I´d like to know it because I think it would be strange for you to meet people that call you and want to kiss you but you don´t Know anything about them.

On the other hand you should know that all these people(included me) have your music,videos,photos and so on as a very important part in our lives.For example,in the weddings of my three friends and mine, instead of the typical wedding dance,the waltz ,we danced TFC.So we know you,but you don´t know us.My feeling is that you fulfill our lives.

...But what are yours?

NorwayCallin`Europe said...

Hello Boyzzzzz!

I don`t know if you still are answering our questions but there is a thread on the forum about how important the cover on a cd is.
I really would like to hear you opinion on that mather..

Love you /T.