Thursday, 18 December 2008


Mic laying down one of Norums riffs on his Nord


Deni said...

It's a great one. I like the rhythm.

xxxx said...

sounds good, lets here some pads!!!!

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

He, Mic welcome to keyboards
this riff sounds great with keyboards
you are fantastic


Moňásek said...

Hmmmmm fantastic=O)

ravscool said...

This Norum riff soudns fantastic on keyboards.

It sounds close to the guitar but with nuances :)

Are you going to play a grand piano on a ballad like you did in the beginning of "Carrie"?

Maybe a choir sound like on "Coast to Coast".

Take care

/Rodrigo Silva

Jenny said...

Fantastic, sounds a lot like Jon Lord in DP.

YAY!!! =)

JEM said...

Hope to see the Korg make an appearance! Nice work as ever Mic x

Anka said...

nananananannnaaa, nanannaaaaaa, nanannnnnnnaaan. Mic's and John's chord sounds good together!Congratulations!

Hel said...

I like what I'm hearing. The more keyboards the better! A few blistering keyboard solos on this album and I can die a happy lass.
Thank you guys.xx

Fernanda said...

It seems you´ve been hearing a lot of DP!!!!! Love the sound of this!!! Very 70´s!!!!! Great!!!!!!
Thanks Mic & John N!!!!!!

Silvia said...

sounds very good, I am not tired of saying that you are doing a great job and I want to hear the new album.
We love you guys.

Mari said...

Cool riff !

Yes, it sound quite 70'S!

keep rocking ;)


EffeTiBi said...

OMG... I want to hear all of this song!! Mic adds all the colours of the rainbow to the killer riffs of John... and that's it, only a glimpse on a masterpiece! I'm proud of you!

Tempestgirl1970 said...

Fantastic ...congratulations Mic

Mic Macovic said...

Mic! that's awesome! Could believe it's the RW riff. Remember speaking with about it at nalen once a few years ago.

Maple said...

I could not say whose version is better: JN's or Mic's?!
Great sounds, guys! Just like everybody else, I am soooo looking forward for the new album!
And once again: CANADA (TORONTO) AWAITS YOU!!!!

melody_tokyo said...

Wow. It's Only Young Twice!